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New Year, New Things Happening at Hippie Yoga

Starting January 2nd our in-studio classes will be available as a live stream option. This will us to offer more option of classes to both in-studio and virtual students. This will look different for the in-studio students and the live virtual students. As with all changes this will come with a learning curve for both the yoga teachers and the students. I am sure there will be some thing we will have to adjust as we navigate the changes.

The classes will be listed separately, and registration will be separate as well. When you are registering for classes please make sure are registering for the correct class. The virtual classes will state that it is a virtual class. All other classes are in-studio. Monday, 8:30 pm Peace Out will only be virtual and Wednesday 8:30 pm Peace Out will only be in-Studio.

Please check out the new class schedule starting Saturday, January 2nd

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