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 Classes are listed from the most gentle to the most athletic.

Peace Out –This restorative class allows you to chill out and find peace in your body, mind and spirit.  Passive yoga poses are held a little longer. Most poses are done on the ground with props to support relaxation. You will not build strength in this class; it is all about relaxation

Peace Frog – Turn off the outside world and look inward.  The movements are slow, and some poses are held longer to allow you to experience the feeling sensations.  Most poses are done on the floor with the support of props.  Mobility and introspection are the primary focus of this Yin type class.   

Take it Easy –There is no rush in this class.  You will take it easy as you move slowly and gently in and out of basic yoga poses.  You will gentle increase stability and strength in this class as you work out some tight spots.  This is a easy going class to start a yoga practice. 

Peace, Love and a Healthy Back – Show your back some love as you build core strength, release tension and learn ways to support a healthy back.  This class is great place to start a yoga practice as it supportive and gentle.


Hippie Basics – In this class, students are guided through basic yoga poses.  Building stability, strength, and working out the tight spots are the focus.  This is a great place to start a yoga practice, build movement confidence or to fine tune their yoga fundamentals.


Groovy Flow– Slowly groove and flow from pose to pose.  This is a slower, gentler vinyasa style practice, however that doesn’t mean you are not working. The slower groovy pace is great for anyone looking to build strength, stability, and mobility.

Hippie Strength - In this class you'll flow through basic yoga sequences infused with elements of resistance training. By incorporating weights or resistance bands into your practice, you'll challenge your muscles in new ways, building strength, and stability while maintaining the fluidity and grace of yoga.


Flower Power Vinyasa – Bloom into your strength and power as you connect breath and movement.  Flow from pose to pose in this athletic style class.   This can be a challenging class so some yoga experience is recommended for this class.

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