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Light-hearted classes, incorporating self-care skills. LEARN MORE

Linda likes to say, "I came for the workout, & stayed for the yoga!" LEARN MORE

Maria believes a great yoga class can uplift the heart.  LEARN MORE

Positive thoughts, good vibes, and a nice variety of poses. LEARN MORE

Monica believes yoga is a practice for every body and every one. LEARN MORE

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Come to the mat, experience a healthier, happier, more balanced life. LEARN MORE

Anne intertwines the philosophies of thousands of years in yoga. LEARN MORE

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Jessica's main goal in class is to uplift and relax her students. LEARN MORE

Yoga to keep you physically and mentally strong, yet gentle. LEARN MORE

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Julie believes that yoga strengthens the mind, body & soul. LEARN MORE

Tara believes consistent practice can bring transformation. LEARN MORE

Jean wants her students to leave class a little lighter! LEARN MORE