Helpful Hints


Please Arrive On Time –To ensure that we are providing a safe and distraction free environment the studio doors are lock at the start of each class. Remember to allow yourself a little time to check in at the front desk, take off your shoes and turn off your cell phone before entering the studio floor.

Register Online – You must register in advance.  Due to limited space you will need to register for the before attending. 


Empty Stomach – It is best to practice on a “light” stomach. Try to eat only a small meal a few hours before your yoga practice if possible.


Bare Feet – Yoga done in bare feet is preferred. This helps your feet stay grounded during your practice.


Listen To Your Body – Everyone’s practice is different and everyday your practice changes. Please listen to the signals your body is sending. Take breaks when you need them – Child’s pose is a great resting place. If a pose is not working for your body please make adjustments. The instructors are here to help with many variations for each pose.