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At Hippie Yoga we love beginners.
  We strive to make the classes accessible to those just starting out. 
We are sure you will feel calm, stable, and strong after practicing yoga with us. 


We have a few different ways you can start yoga with us.

Jump Right In

  • ​Check out our class schedule and get started today!

  • ​To start try: Peace, Love and a Healthy Back or Hippie Basics.

  •  Try our introductory offer of 2 weeks of yoga for $29.

 Beginner’s Journey

First month with support

  • A dedicated Hippie Yoga support member

  • One month of unlimited yoga classes

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Best option for success


Has a value of $176. 

As a special offerget started for

only $99 

One on One 

  • Have physical limitations or just want some personal attention

  • Learn how to customize yoga poses and the best classes for you 

  • Leave feeling comfortable andconfident entering a class

​ $75 per session

"Awesome classes in a comfortable, judgement free space. Instructors are very knowledgeable and offer modifications for yoga poses for all levels." 
Michele C, Via Google
I am brand new to Yoga, and I really enjoy my time at Hippie Yoga. The Instructors are so kind and easy going. The atmosphere is relaxing and never judgmental. I am 15 classes in and I am already noticing a reduction in my stress levels, some strengthening in my core , and improved balance. I look forward to coming in!
Geena, Via Google
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