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Teacher Training


If you are interested, please email April for more information!

200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification

Starting Fall 2022

Immerse yourself in yoga with Hippie Yoga’s teacher training program. 

 In the program you will

  • Learn about yoga philosophy beyond what happens on the mat. 

  • Study the human body and how it preforms in a yoga practice. 

  • Dissect over 50 yoga poses, learning proper alignment, engagement, and the best practices to make them safe and effective. 

  • Practice asana, meditation, and pranayama. 

  • Learn the best practices of sequencing a yoga class

  • Lead a few yoga classes



The program will take place at Hippie Yoga over 13 weekends and 4 online trainings totaling 200 hours of yoga! Included with the training is 30 yoga classes at Hippie Yoga and full access to our video library to help immerse yourself in the yoga community. 


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