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Balance is Fun

Balance is one of the things that most people say they struggle with in yoga. It is an important part of a yoga practice. If we are not practicing balancing, we start to lose the ability to balance. This can be a problem because we are more susceptible to falls and feel anxious.

There are a few things that can help improve your balance.

1. Stabilize your legs and engage your core. Pushing into the knuckle of your big toe and thinking of reaching your head towards the ceiling, helps your body with stability. Your core muscle are your stabilizers, keep them working!

2. Focus. Find a single point to focus on. It will help you from wobbling.

3. Talk nice to yourself. Positive thoughts creates stability. It is hard to improve when you are continually thinking negative thoughts.

4. Have fun. It is just a balance pose. When you wobble and stumble out of a balance laugh and try it again.

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