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Student Spotlight

As we step into May, it brings us great pleasure to shine a spotlight on one of our cherished members, Laura! Her journey with yoga spans over a decade, and her dedication and passion for the practice are truly inspiring.

Laura's yoga journey began around 10-15 years ago during her time at a previous job. It was there that she was introduced to yoga through lunchtime sessions. Laura quickly fell in love with yoga. Despite the positive changes she experienced, life took her on different paths, and she found herself without a regular yoga routine after leaving the company.

However, fate had other plans for Laura as she embarked on a new chapter on the east side. Reconnecting with a friend and former co-worker who shared her passion for yoga, Laura discovered Hippie Yoga—a place she now fondly calls her forever yoga home and family.

What keeps Laura coming back to her mat? The answer lies in the transformative power of yoga. As she entered her 50s, Laura realized the importance of maintaining her body's flexibility, strength, and balance for the decades ahead. Beyond the physical benefits, yoga serves as her sanctuary, offering solace from life's stresses and leaving her feeling grounded and peaceful after every class.

When asked about her favorite class, Laura enthusiastically mentions all of them but is looking forward to the new class, Hippie Strength.  And her favorite pose? The mighty Plank, where she feels a sense of inner power and strength, reflecting her resilient spirit.

Laura's journey is a reminder that yoga is not just a practice but a lifelong journey of self-discovery and growth. We are grateful to have Laura as a valued member of our community, inspiring us all with her dedication and enthusiasm.

Next time you see Laura on her mat, be sure to share a smile 😊 

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