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What Motivates You?

Recently a student sent me a meme that says

“Training for that summer body?

Nope, I’m training for that 70+ year old body.

Bone density, core strength, balance, healthy joints, and good mental health as I age.”

This got me thinking of what motivates me to move my body.

Am I moving to change my body into a shape or size? Am I moving my body to feel strong and healthy? Am I moving my body to feel good? Am I moving my body to punish it because I don’t like the way it looks? Am I moving my body for outside validation? Am I moving my body to feel confident and happy inside?

As I have been contemplating these questions, I know that I have answered yes to all of them at different times in my life. I have participated in many different forms of movement for many different reasons. I have found that when I am choosing how to move and why to move, it is more satisfying and sustainable when I choose to move for enjoyment and love of my body. Now I choose to move my body in ways that help me feel strong, confident, and uplifted. Hoping to be active and independent well into my nineties!

What motivates your movement practice?

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