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Welcome Rebecca!

You may have seen Rebecca teaching some classes over the summer and we are happy to announce she will be teaching weekely at Hippie Yoga. We are adding a new class to the weekend schedule. Join Rebecca Sundays at 9 am for Hippie Basics!

Rebecca began her yoga adventure more than 20 years ago as a bride-to-be looking for a way to relax. From there, she practiced steadily until her kids were born. After a few years’ break, she started up again and hasn’t looked back.

Yoga is her “me time,” as well as her way of strengthening her body. She loves a good basic class as well as yin and restorative. As she’s practicing yoga or teaching, she keeps in mind, “It’s a yoga practice, not a yoga perfect.”

She graduated from the Hippie Yoga Teacher Training Program in April 2023.

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