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Student Spotlight

Hippie Yoga knows the benefits of community. It is wonderful to come to a yoga class and not only connect with your body but to connect with others in the yoga community. And we feel like we have the best community!

We would like to show some appreciation to our great community and help you get to know each other too! Each month we will spotlight a couple students. You can learn a little about their yoga journey and say hello by name when you see them in class.

Meet Rita

Rita started her yoga journey many years ago doing yoga videos at home. Since doing regular yoga classes for about 10 years, Rita has noticed her muscles are less tight, she has a better range of motion and she has much less back pain.

Rita’s favorite class is Peace Frog, Hippie Yoga’s Yin style class. It has helped her have more patience and understand her limits and what her body and mind are capable of. Rita feels like this class is the time of the week for her meditation and self-reflection.

Rita’s favorite pose is Pigeon Pose because is help release tension is her hips.

When you see Rita in class, say “Hello!”

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