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Say Hello to Misty!

Misty's Yoga Journey

I chose to start practicing yoga about 21 years ago to help me get my body back in shape after the birth of my second as a form of exercise only. I would fast forward the DVD to the strengthen poses and skip the end Savasana. Over the last year, as I have practiced it more, I have enjoyed the journey of the entire benefits it brings to my body, not just physically but also mentally. I may start my practice with what seems like a gazillion things going through my mind and at some point I lose focus of it all and focus on myself, my breathing and my movements. I am also working my way through Breathe For Change's 200-hour Wellness, SEL, & Yoga Teacher Training.

What is your favorite yoga class?

I cannot pick a favorite. I rotate through them in my weekly schedule and each one brings a different experience and benefit.

Any favorite yoga poses?

Definitely NOT the triangle pose to a "high five" :-) I do love a great supine spinal twist.

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