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Say Hello to Christine!

Say Hello to Christine! She started taking yoga classes with us last year and has become a dedicated yogi. You may remember her as one Hippie Yoga’s 2022 Century Club members. You will usually find her in morning class, practicing in the back corner.

Here is more on her yoga journey.

How did you start yoga?

Yoga was something I have always been interested in and have been to other studios before, but the vibe was not inviting or inclusive. I came across a deal Hippie was offering last year and signed up for 10 days and that was all it took for me to realize that I needed to be there and that all studios were not created equal. Best decision I've ever made!

What keeps you coming to yoga?

Coming to Hippie has been life changing for me, I've had back pain for as long as I can remember, but since having a regular yoga practice I can't remember the last time it has stopped me from doing something. I now have to tools to navigate any pain or discomfort I may have.

What is your favorite yoga class?

It's really hard to decide, but I think I'd have to choose the Healthy Back class. Honestly though, they're all amazing.

Any favorite yoga poses?

Downward Dog or Child's, next week I may answer differently.

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