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My Ayurveda Story - by Jocelyn Egle

I began my Ayurvedic journey on May 18, 2019 which was my first day of class at

the Bodhananda Vedic Institute School of Ayurveda, and I would be lying if I said

that on that day I knew much more about Ayurveda other than it being the “sister

science” to yoga and an ancient system of natural medicine. Being a nurse, and a

new yoga teacher, finding out there was an actual path to bridge the gap between

yoga and a healthy lifestyle off the mat, in a way that I could help not just myself,

but other people too, it seemed like the natural next step.

I can honestly say that on the first day, amazing things did happen, I found answers

to some of the questions about health and disease that I never was able to find an

answer to within the paradigm of western bio-medicine. The teachings did speak

to me on a deep level, much as the teachings of yoga do. As time went on, getting

exposed to the concepts of Ayurveda, learning from all of the excellent teachers,

and even struggling to learn Sanskrit with my classmates, I could feel changes

within myself. After every module I would incorporate the things I learned, some

of the changes were simple and some not so much, some made a lot of sense and

others seemed really weird, but I tried them all and now they are just part of what I

do and who I am.

It has been almost two years since that day - I graduated from BVI, I live my yoga

and Ayurveda, I teach yoga and coach others that want to live Ayurveda as well, I

continue to learn and explore these ancient sciences, and I know this will be my

lifelong journey.

Living Ayurveda has been beneficial in ways I could never have imagined when I

started. Just learning how to live with the natural cycles of the day, the season and

my stage of life, instead of fighting against them, I no longer feel that I am trying

to “swim upstream.” My days feel complete and balanced, I wake up ready for the

day and end the day ready for sleep, and in between rarely feel like I do not have

time to do what’s important. My relationship to food has changed completely,

which has not only eased my history of digestive problems, but has actually kept

money in my pocket. My stress level is the lowest it has ever been, I enjoy a sense

of calm and serenity that allows me to really show up for life and handle whatever

comes into my orbit. Ayurveda helps me to be of service to my students and

clients, and to be a better partner, sister, aunt and daughter.

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