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Meditation Challange

The Meditation challenge starts February 5th!

April’s yearly meditation challenge asks you to commit to 40 consecutive days of meditation. If you skip a day you must start back at day one. That is the challenge. The meditation needs to be a minimum of 5 minutes of a meditation. I encourage you to make it more than 5 minutes if you have done this challenge before.

This is how I started a consistent meditation practice. I think the first time I did the challenge it took me about four months to complete it. I had to keep starting over. I do the challenge every year with you and will keep you updated on my progress.

Sometimes I find it easier to meditate in a group setting. There will be opportunities to meditate with others by attending free classes offered at Hippie Yoga. The Serendipitous Soul also has weekly meditation sessions you can attend in person.

I will be kicking off the meditation challenge with a workshop to help get you started and answer any questions you may have about meditation.

Workshop Friday, February 5th

7pm—8:30 pm

$20 in-studio option

$10 virtual option

In this workshop we will discuss

· The best ways to start and maintain a meditation practice.

· What happens when you meditate.

· Different styles of meditation

· Finish with a guided meditation

· Gain access to exclusive meditations with April.

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