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Healthy Feet

Keeping my feet functioning and free from pain is one of my top priorities. If your feet are pain free you can stay mobile and being mobile for my whole life is a goal of mine. We tend to take our feet for granted until they hurt. There are things we can do to help our feet carry us around with comfort and ease. Here are some of my favorite simple things to help keep your feet healthy.

· Take your shoes off. Walking around in bare feet is how our feet are designed to move. When we wear shoes, it limits how our feet move. That can weaken the muscles of our feet – and we have a LOT of muscles in our feet. Try walking around on the grass for an added benefit of connecting to the Earth.

· Soak your feet. Soothe those aching feet. Try soaking your feet in warm water with some Epsom salt for 10 minutes. Not only will your feet benefit but your whole body will feel better.

· Put your feet up. Elevating your feet does wonders for your feet, your circulation, and mood. I love legs up the wall. If you don’t have wall space, just put your legs over a chair or the couch.

· Rub them. Touching your feet stimulates the feel-good hormones in your body. If you do not want to touch your own feet, get a pedicure, reflexology, or a massage.

· Yoga. Yoga is great way to strengthen the muscles in your feet. We practice yoga in bare feet so our feet are able to grip the mat and the different standing poses make our feet muscles work.

Check out our YouTube video on healthy feet.

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