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Happy 8 Year Anniversary Hippie Yoga!

I am super excited to be celebrating Hippie Yoga’s 8-year anniversary on Tuesday, September 27th.

Over the years Hippie Yoga has gone through some transformations. The building color has transformed a few times, the class schedule has transformed many times and our teaching staff has transformed too.

My favorite transformation has been in the students coming into the classes. In the last 8 years I have taught many classes, seen lots of student come into yoga for the first time or come back to yoga after years of not practicing. Watching them transform is truly my biggest gift as a yoga teacher. Not only have I seen their bodies change as they continue to come to class but I have seen their lives transform too.

Yoga has helped me transform my life and I am so grateful to be able to share the tools of yoga to help others transform their lives too. Thank you to everyone who has helped make these last 8 years of peace, love, and Hippie Yoga some of my best years. I am blessed and honored to have shared this journey with all of you. Here is to many more!!!


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