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Get Outside and Do Yoga!

When we have a nice spring/summer day and there is a gentle breeze, taking your yoga practice outdoors is one of the best experiences. This summer Hippie Yoga has a few outdoor yoga classes scheduled. We will be at the Farmer’s Market and the Community Garden once a month. Check out the event page to find the dates for yoga outdoors.

Although practicing yoga outdoors can be amazing, there are a few things to consider when taking your practice outside.

Things to remember when practicing yoga outdoors:

· Weather is important. The best time to do yoga outdoors is when the weather is cooperating. It is hard to find your Zen in yoga when you are too cold or wet from rain. If it is too cold or sprinkling skip yoga outdoors and move inside.

· Grass is WAY different that hard floors. The ground outdoors is usually uneven and bumpy. This makes balance and some standing poses more challenging. Be nice to yourself if you stumble more. 😊

· There is dirt. Using on old yoga mat or a beach towel is highly recommended. After yoga practice when you roll up your mat here usually is some dirt and/or grass left over on the mat.

· Outdoor sounds. The sound outside can be very different from the sound inside the studio. Especially when we are practicing at a public event there will be sounds of people talking, people passing by and cars driving by.

Things that are wonderful about practicing yoga outdoors:

· Beautiful weather. You get to enjoy the wonderful spring or summer weather and do yoga. Being outside can enhance your practice as it is calming.

· Grass is WAY different that hard floors. Take off your shoes and enjoy a little Earthing. Connect with nature by walking, standing, or laying on the grass.

· There is sunshine. Fuel up on vitamin D by letting the sun shine on you.

· Outdoor sounds. Enjoy the wonderful sounds of nature. Listen to the birds chirping, childrenS playing and the trees blowing in the breeze. This beautiful white noise is so relaxing.

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