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Free Your Feet

Did you know that your feet health affects your, knees, hips, back and balance?

If your feet are weak, sore, stiff, or full of pain if has a chain effect on the rest of your body. It can put strain on the other parts of the body and can create movement patterns that can have lasting negative effects.

In my Healthy Feet Workshop on Friday, we will learn and practice various ways to keep your feet healthy and functioning properly.

But this is the NUMBER ONE thing I recommend for healthy feet.

Take your shoes off and move your feet. Bare feet is best but if your feet are chilly you can leave your socks on. Point, flex, wiggle your toes, or spread your toes but get your feet moving without shoes. Although shoe protect your feet they do not allow for the full range of movement the feet need. Without that full range of movement your feet can weaken and stiffen.

So make your feet happy and free them for your shoes and let them move!

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