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Changes to the Virtual Yoga Offerings

In March 2020 Hippie Yoga began offering virtual yoga classes. This was a life saver for Hippie Yoga and many of our students. I am grateful that so many people were able to continue their yoga practice with us virtually during the shutdown of many in person activities. Although we will continue to have virtual options they are going to be changing.

Hippie Yoga is changing our virtual yoga platform. Starting January 1, 2022 we will be moving our virtual yoga option from MindBody to our webpage. The new virtual yoga platform can be accessed directly from our webpage at the link below and you can start accessing the new platform starting December 1, 2021.

With this new platform you can access Hippie Yoga’s video library of classes anytime day or night. The video library contains the same class styles offered in studio. The video library also has shorter class options when you have less than an hour for yoga. New classes will be added monthly.

On this virtual platform we will be offering 2 live classes weekly. The live classes will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 am. These classes will be recorded and added to the video library so you may access the recordings at any time.

You will also have access to the Beginner Yoga Series. This series is a great place to start a yoga practice but also a great way to refresh your yoga fundamentals. The series of four videos contains information and practice of basic yoga poses, options and variations of basic yoga poses and ways to use yoga props.

If you have virtual classes left on a package or an unlimited virtual package you will need to use all of them before January 1, 2022. The packages will not transfer to the new platform. The new virtual yoga platform gives you unlimited access for a monthly fee of $29. You can start using the new platform on December 1, 2021.


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