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Bingo Anyone?

Before we head into the craziness of the holiday season, let's take some time to care for ourselves. Sounds like a great idea, but sometimes we need a little encouragement or challenge to keep us motivated. Hippie Yoga has created a Self-Care Bingo Challenge for November!

What is a Self-Care Bingo Challenge?

The challenge is designed to encourage healthy habits that can carry you through the craziness of the holiday season. This includes attending yoga classes, meditation and drinking more water.

For only $10 you can take part in this fun, healthy and a little competitive challenge. The first 4 people to black out their bingo card will win a gift card from one of these awesome local wellness businesses.

· Nature’s Wisdom

· Shores Nutrition

· Sirona Day Spa

· The Serendipitous Soul

Everyone who completes the four corners wins Hippie Yoga’s new winter Beanie.

The bingo challenge starts November 1st and runs until November 25th.

Join this fun challenge by clicking the button below to purchase your bingo card.

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