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Balancing Table Pose

Balancing table is a great pose to build stability and strength. It helps improve balance and coordination as well. It is also known as spinal extension pose because it can help lengthen and realign the spine.

To practice balancing table, we must first master table pose.

Find alignment

· Knees under hips.

· Wrist under shoulders or just in front of shoulders

· Fingers spread wide with thumbs in just a little.

· Neutral spine

Engauge and Activate

· Push your palms into the floor, keeping your elbows soft.

· Add rotation activation to the hand. Like you are dialing the fingers out, but the movement is internal. This helps stabilize your shoulder.

· Engage your core muscles. Pull your belly button towards your spine, pull in your pelvic floor, and pull your hip points toward each other.

Once you have mastered table you can start playing with balancing table. Just like a playing with balance while standing on your feet, try to maintain stability. Start slowly and with control.

Extend one leg long. Keep your toes on the ground. Make sure your hips stay level with the floor. Check in. Do you feel wobbly? Can you keep everything engaged? If you feel stable you can try lifting your leg to hip level or extending your opposite arm.

Try to just slightly take some weight off one hand. Check in. Do you feel wobbly? Can you keep everything engaged? If you feel stable, start to extend the arm out in front.

Take it slowly. Just add one movement at a time. Check in with your body alignment and engagement with each movement. Remember the goal in a balancing pose is to maintain stability!

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