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When is the Studio Opening?

With the governor extending the state of emergency for Michigan, Hippie Yoga is unable to have group classes in the studio until after May 28th.  We plan on opening a limited number of classes in studio starting June 1st.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Once we get started, I plan on having both in studio and virtual classes. To help ensure the health and safety of the staff and students, we will be making a few changes. First, there will no longer be yoga props for community use.  You will need to purchase and bring your own props.  I have placed an order for new blankets, blocks, sandbags and bolsters for resale.  Once they are in you will be able to purchase them online for in studio pick-up. 

The classes will be limited to only 8 students.  You will need to register in advance. You must be registered at least 15 minutes before class in order to attend an in-studio class.  No Walk-ins!   

If you have any questions about how to register online, please reach out to me and we can walk through it together. It is hard to tell if these changes will be permanent or what other changes may be made. 

I am grateful to everyone who continues to support Hippie Yoga.  I love seeing all your faces in the virtual classes and look forward to seeing you in studio soon.      

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