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What is Wellness?

This is my favorite definition of wellness. I can not remember where I found it but I love this definition.

“Wellness is a lifelong journey through which people develop an awareness of, and make positive choices about, their behaviors, lifestyle and activities that enable them to lead their best lives. Wellness is personal, multidimensional, and holistic. It involves physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational, and spiritual dimensions, each of which exists along a continuum. Achieving wellness does not occur quickly or by changing any single behavior. Rather it is an ongoing process that involves taking action and making lifestyle changes with the goal of attaining optimal wellbeing over one’s lifetime. The journey towards optimal wellbeing is unique for each individual and attainable for everyone with in the context of his/her priorities and abilities.”

Wellness is a lifelong journey, and I believe in supporting each of you in your pursuit of optimal wellbeing Our yoga classes undoubtedly contribute to nurturing these aspects, but we believe that incorporating other thing can help you achieve a more comprehensive and profound sense of wellbeing.

Some other things I incorporate in my pursuit of optimal wellbeing are.

· Meditation

· Reflexology

· Enrichment classes

· Support group

· Chiropractic care

· Massage

· Reiki

· Sleep

· Time in nature

Other than yoga what are some of your favorites ways to work towards wellness?

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