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What is Kundalini

Kundalini is a unique style of yoga. It combines physical exercises, breathing techniques, meditation, and mantra. The idea of kundalini yoga is that you are moving your energy not just your physical body. Each session has a different kriya, which is the theme or focus of the class. You will start each class with the tuning in mantras, move through some sequences to warm up the body then move into the kriya and finish with savasana and a meditation.

Jessica has been practicing and teaching kundalini yoga for many years. She has taught children, seniors, and everyone in between. She is passionate about kundalini yoga and is currently working on her master’s in art therapy at Wayne State.

She teaches at Hippie Yoga on Wednesdays in-studio at 9 am and Thursdays virtually at 6pm.

What to look forward to from Jessica in October

10-7 9 am in-studio

Kriya for Disease Resistance/ Immune System Booster

10-8 6 pm virtual and 10-14 at 9 am in-studio

Detoxification Kriya/ Breath of 10 Meditation to become dis-ease free

10-15 6 pm virtual and 10-21 at 9 am in-studio

The navel Center and Elimination/ Sixteen stroke breath to rebuild health

10-22 6 pm virtual and 10-28 in-studio

Kriya for lower spine and elimination/ Purifying the lungs

10-29 6 pm virtual and 11-4 9am in-studio

Apana Kriya/ Aerobic Capacity and Efficiency Meditation

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