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Warrior III Progression

Warrior III can be a challenging balancing pose. If this is a posture you struggle with in your yoga practice try starting at level one and building strength and stability then move on the level 2 and 3.

Level one.

Start from a Warrior I position. Bow your warrior by pushing your arms back. Make sure you are engaging the backs of your arms, in between your shoulder blades and your core. Then just lift off the heel of your foot. Make sure you feel stable and keep the upper body engaged.

Level 2

From level one, start to lift your toes off the ground. As you do this keep the upper body active and engaged. Point or flex the foot as you lift off, keeping the leg active. If you start to feel wobbly lower the big toe down to the ground.

Level 3

From level 2, try to make your body like a “T”. The key is to keep everything active. Your arms are still pushing back, your shoulder blades are still squeezing together, your leg is still active and rotate the leg inward. Make sure you are pushing into the standing leg. You can change position with the arms. They can be by your side, at heart center or extended. If you start to feel wobbly just drop your big toe to the ground.

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