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Say Hello to Pat

Today, we're thrilled to shine the spotlight on one of our incredible students, Pat, whose yoga journey has been nothing short of inspirational. Pat's story is a testament to the transformative power of yoga, particularly our beloved Hippie Yoga


Please describe your yoga journey.

I’ve lost over 100 lbs in recent years after my mobility had suffered through my 30s. I was stiff, achy, moaned when I got out of bed. Mobility was the missing piece in my journey. Yoga and particularly Hippie Yoga was the solution for me. Everything I complained about could be addressed and improved with regular yoga practice.

What keeps you coming to yoga?  What benefits have you noticed or your favorite thing about yoga?

The atmosphere, instructors, yoga-brain, challenge, the other yogis, and strengthening are what keep me coming back as much as possible. The benefits have been endless in regards to my health: increased flexibility, improved mobility, more energy, deeper focus, and true self-appreciation to name a few. The community I have become part of brings me joy and laughter. Everyone at Hippie cares for each other.


What is your favorite class?

Stephanie’s Saturday morning Healthy Back Class               


Any favorite yoga poses?

Shavasana, Majorette, Warrior 3

Pat's story is not just about weight loss or physical improvement; it's about reclaiming life, finding joy, and embracing a community that cares. The journey, as Pat discovered, is as much about the mind and spirit as it is about the body.

If you see Pat in class, give a nod of appreciation for the commitment to self-growth and the vibrant energy brought to the Hippie Yoga community. We celebrate your journey, Pat, and look forward to witnessing the continued blossoming on the mat!

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