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Let us to take a few moments to address some questions we have been getting from you. Many want to know when we are opening the studio space. Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question with a specific date. I am waiting for Governor Whitmore to move the metro Detroit area into phase 5 of the reopening plan before I feel comfortable opening our studio space for yoga classes. I know that other fitness centers and yoga studios may have opened in our area and that adds to the confusion of when we are opening. At Hippie Yoga our first priority is the health and safety of our students and staff. We feel it is best to follow the Governor’s protocol for opening Michigan safely. As much as I miss seeing all your beautiful faces in the studio, we must remain patient. Please continue to take advantage of the virtual yoga class options.

Another question I received often is about the class schedule. We are doing our best to accommodate the needs of our students with the virtual schedule. The class schedule is reviewed on a weekly basis and many change weekly. If there is a particular time, day or class type you are looking for we open to your suggestions. Thank you for your flexibility and patience as the schedule will continue to evolve.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement during these difficult times.

April and the Hippie Yoga Staff

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