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Policy Updates

As we head into the new year, I wanted to take a few moments to review some of Hippie Yoga’s Policies.

Register in Advance – You must register before class. We have a limited number of spots for yoga students. To ensure you have a spot for class remember to register before class.

Mask Policy – Mask are not required to attend classes. They are encouraged if you are not vaccinated or have any immune issues.

Arrive on Time – Classes start promptly at the assigned times. Please arrive with enough time to place your belongings in the cubby area, check in and set up your yoga mat.

Setting up your space – There are numbered spots on the floor for you to set up your yoga mat and props. These spaces are designed to give everyone room to move in the yoga poses and to allow for space between other yogis.

Cell Phones – No cell phones in the studio space. Please leave them in the entrance area or better yet in your car. If you bring them in to the building remember to turn the ringer off.

Yoga Props – The use of yoga props is great way to enhance your practice and we encourage using them. There are a limited number of community yoga props. If you choose to use the community yoga props, please return them neatly. We also have yoga props for sale if you are more comfortable using your own personal props.

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