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Meet Vanessa

A Journey of Healing and Commitment

In our yoga community, we find inspiration and strength in the stories of our fellow yogis. This month, we are delighted to shine a spotlight on one of our dedicated students whose journey with yoga is nothing short of transformative.

Vanessa’s Yoga Story

Vanessa embarked on their yoga journey back in 2008, seeking solace and healing after the loss of a loved one. Introduced to the practice in a humble basement setting, the initial reluctance transformed into a profound connection with the ancient art of yoga. Feeling the physical and emotional benefits after just a few sessions, Vanessa found herself hooked.

From exploring Hatha and Kundalini Yoga through home videos to discovering donation-based classes at a local church, Vanessa navigated the twists and turns of life while maintaining their yoga practice. Life's challenges temporarily interrupted their journey, but the magnetic pull of yoga brought them back to the mat.

In 2016, Vanessa discovered Hippie Yoga Studio during a free outdoor class at the St. Clair Shores Farmers Market. This serendipitous encounter with April, led Vanessa to embark on the transformative Yoga Teacher Training at the studio. Despite facing family health issues, Vanessa persevered, co-teaching 12 Step Yoga 4 Unity and finding solace in Yin Yoga.

The year 2023 marked a commitment to the Century Club for Vanessa completing an impressive 100 classes and setting the stage for another year of dedicated practice. Despite life's hardships, Vanessa is determined to make yoga a regular habit, using it as a tool for resilience and healing.

What Keeps Vanessa Coming Back?

For Vanessa yoga is not just a practice; it is medicine for the soul. Dealing with anxiety throughout their life, Vanessa refuses medication, relying instead on the tools acquired through yoga. Breath control becomes a calming force in times of stress, positive affirmations combat negative thoughts, and the practice of balance grounds them in the present moment.

Beyond individual growth, Vanessa treasures the sense of community fostered at Hippie Yoga Studio. It is this supportive network that keeps them returning to the mat, eager to share their journey and uplift others.

Vanessa’s Favorites

Vanessa finds solace in the Peace Frog class, embracing the deep sense of peace and rejuvenation it brings. When it comes to individual poses, Balasana (Child's Pose) and Shavasana (Corpse Pose) hold a special place in her heart, serving as anchors in her practice.

As we celebrate Vanessa's journey, let us remember the power of yoga to heal, connect, and transform. May we all find inspiration in each other's stories and continue to build our Hippie Yoga community.

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