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Heavily Meditated??

It's that time again! Hippie Yoga's annual Meditation Challenge!

Here is how it works.

Register for the Challenge.  $10 registration fee.

Commit to meditating at least 5 minutes every day for 28 consecutive days.  If you skip a day you need to start over at day one. 

Download the Insight Timer.

The challenge starts February 1st and ends when you complete 28 consecutive days of meditation. 

Everyday in February you will receive an email.  The emails will contain best practices for starting and maintaining a consistent meditation practice, links to guided meditations in Insight Timer, information on different style of meditation and discounts to in person meditations. 

We will be here to support you with challenges that may come up and answer questions about your meditation journey.  

After you have completed 28 consecutive days of meditation you will receive a “Heavily Meditated” sticker.  You will need to send Hippie Yoga a screen shot as proof of your 28 consecutive days.  


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