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Earth Day

Earth Day is a once-a-year event that reminds us to respect and honor the planet we live on. It is a reminder that we need to be mindful of how our actions can impact others and the environment. Mindfulness is a big part of living yoga. At Hippie Yoga we try to be mindful of the impact we, as a business have on our planet.

Here are some ways Hippie Yoga currently honors and celebrates our impact on the planet.

Water cooler – a few years ago we gave up plastic water bottles and installed a water cooler. We encourage you to fill your water bottles at the studio and stay hydrated. Hopefully you are using a glass or stainless-steel bottle. 😊

Hand towels – We do not have paper towels in the studio. We use washable and reusable towels for drying our hands and cleaning your yoga mats. This has made a big impact in the amount of waste we create.

Earth Friendly Cleaners – Most of our cleaning products are handmade with environmentally safe ingredients. We use reusable and washable mop heads, cleaning towels and container.

Recycle – We have a recycling contain in studio for you to deposit used items for recycling.

We know that there are more ways we can improve our carbon footprint and continue to evolve each year.

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