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Dump Your Brian

Some days I feel like my mind is just bouncing all over. I feel like there is no way I can slow it down to meditate. Here are a couple tricks I use when my mind feels scattered.

Breath work is a great way to start a meditation practice when the mind is all over the place. It also gives you something to focus your mind on while you are calming the body. I like to use a box breathing or alternative nostril breathing. Only two minutes of controlled breathing can help tremendously. Check out Hippie Yoga’s YouTube channel for examples of these breath techniques.

Doing a brain dump is another way to slow the mind down. Simply grab a piece of paper or a journal. Divide it into four parts. “TO DO”, “THOUGHTS”, “GRATITUDE”, “PRIORITIES”. Take two minutes or more and dump everything from your mind on to the paper. Don’t over think it just write. When you are done set it aside and start your meditation. You can go back to the paper after your meditation and take any action needed.

I use these techniques most days. It has helped me feel like I can get into a meditation easier. Give it a try and let me know if it helps.

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