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Yoga gives me the strength, courage, energy and the inner peace needed to navigate life successfully.  


As a teenager, I fell into a dark place. In my third year of college I bumped into a kundalini yoga class and it changed my life!  Instantly, I felt better, uplifted and steady.  I have been practicing for almost 20 years now. Currently, I am finishing up my level 2 (500hr) teacher training with KRI and loving every minute of it.  I teach “Uplifted Energy” classes which are inspired by the teachings of the kundalini tradition.  I believe in offering as many modifications as possible so that all students can feel uplifted regardless of their current mobility. 


Outside of the yoga studio I am an art therapist, dancer, outdoors enthusiast, artist and mother.   One of my favorite quotes is, “You owe it to yourself to be yourself”.  Sat Nam (our seed mantra) embodies honoring and respecting our true identity.  Join me for an experience you must not miss!

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