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Say Hello to Debbie

Debbie’s yoga journey started 5 years ago when she was looking to heal from chronic lower back problems. And it has helped! She has experienced many physical benefits like relief from pain and more flexibility, but it is the mental and spiritual healing that yoga brings that keeps her coming back.

Debbie usually arrives a little early so she can take some time to journal or read before class starts. She says, “this is the most treasured part of my day.” In fact, she was inspired by something a yoga teacher said in class to publish a book she wrote about her journey of personal growth.

When asked about her favorite yoga poses she said, “I have a couple categories of favorites – those I love while I’m in them, like puppy-dog pose or any forward fold, and those I might not love while in them but love the after-effect, like baby dragon or a low lunge.”

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