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The safety of our Hippie Yoga community is our first priority. We are doing everything we can to lower your risks of being indoors. We have a medical grade air purifier that will be running in the studio space. We will open the doors whenever possible to increase the air flow and have upgraded our HVAC filters. We have also increased our cleaning protocol.

Now it is your turn. If you have been exposed to the Covid-19 or are not feeling well, please stay home. We ask that you wear a mask when in the studio space. That means when entering, exiting and on your mat before class. You may remove the mask once the practice starts but please keep it on while chatting with others before or after class.

We have missed seeing your beautiful faces in person and we would love to give all of you a big fat hug. As hard as it is, we ask that everyone respect the social distancing guidelines and just give each other a great big social distance hug instead. We look forward to seeing everyone soon.

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