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In-Studio Guidelines

We are so happy to have students back in the studio space. It is wonderful that we can offer both virtual and in person yoga classes. As more people are starting to take advantage of the in-studio classes, I want to review the guidelines for in-studio classes.

We are currently limited to only 8 students per class. You need to register in advance for all yoga classes. If you register for a class and cannot make it to class, please remember to cancel your reservation. This frees up a spot for another person to be able to attend that class. If you are unsure how to cancel the reservation, email

We are taking extra precautions to keep everyone healthy and safe while attending yoga classes. We need your help maintaining this healthy environment. Please wear your mask when entering and exiting. Masks need to be worn over your mouth and nose. If you are not feeling well, please stay home and take advantage of our virtual options.

One of the precautions we have taken is to encourage everyone to bring their own yoga props. We LOVE using yoga props in classes. We feel they can be extremely helpful in creating a safe and effective yoga practice and necessary for the Peace Out and Peace Frog classes. We understand people forget things or it maybe your first time in a class that uses yoga props. We have a limited number of props available for use. However, they need to cleaned after every use. Starting immediately, we will be charging a cleaning fee of $2 for the use of the community blankets and bolters. A small number of yoga blocks are available, and we ask that you clean them off after each use. If you have any questions or concerns regarding yoga props or the cleaning fee do not hesitate to email

Thank you for doing your part in helping Hippie Yoga maintain a healthy and peaceful environment that people can come together and share yoga.

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