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The things we practice in yoga can help us move with greater ease and less pain off your yoga mat. The core strengthening and playing with balance pose help build strength and stability that can improve all movement. Warriors I and II help build strength, stability and mobility in your feet, knees and hips that will improve your walking, running, or climbing stairs. When we practice lunging or twisting in a yoga class, your body is creating muscle memory. This means it will remember how you did that in class. Then when you go to twist or lunge later, outside of class, the body will remember how to maintain that strength and stability and use it.

Let’s not forget one of my favorite parts of the body…the feet! We usually practice yoga in bare feet. This helps not only the function of our feet but also helps improve our proprioception. This is how we perceive our bodies in space, meaning we can better navigate how we move in our environment.

With each class you are creating building block that will improve your yoga practice but more importantly improve how you move the rest of the 23 hours in your day.

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