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2022 Century Club

The start of a new year means it is another opportunity to become a member of the Hippie Yoga Century Club. All you have to do is attend 100 classes in 2022. That may sound like a lot of classes, but it is only 2 yoga classes a week if you start in January.

The Century Club was created to help you keep your motivation to continue to attend yoga classes for the whole year. It is also a way for Hippie Yoga to celebrate our students and their dedication to practicing yoga. And a way for our students to celebrate each other as they complete this challenge.

You do not have to sign up to be a part of the Century Club all you have to do is attend classes. You will receive an email of congrats and encouragement to continue after you attend 25 classes, 50 classes, and 75 classes. Once you attend 100 classes, your name will be added to the Century Club board, a cool Century Club T-shirt, and a social media shout out!

Who is ready to become a member of the 2022 Hippie Yoga Century Club?

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