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Hippie Yoga's
Beginner's Journey

This program was created as a way to help support you along your yoga journey.    We understand that starting and maintaining a new habit can be challenging. We want to be part of your support system!

Once you purchase the Beginner’s Journey, you will receive an email with two links.  One is a form to complete so we can get to know you a little better.  The other is to schedule your initial consultation via phone or Zoom. 

In the initial consultation, we will discuss ways yoga can help to meet your wellness goals, pick the best classes for your schedule and goals, and ways we can support you in meeting your goals. Your month of unlimited yoga starts with your first class.  We will be with you during this month of yoga as an accounability partner.  Each week we will check in with you to make sure the classes are fitting your needs, that you are coming to the classes as scheduled, adjust your classes and give encourage as needed. 

This program is valued at $199 but you can take advantage of this offer for

only $99!


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Yoga with a Support System!

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