Where Should I Start?

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If you are new to yoga please start with one of the classes listed towards the top of the class description list.  

Classes are listed from the most gentle and therapeutic to the most athletic.

Peace Out –This restorative class allows you to chill out and find peace in your body, mind and spirit.  Passive yoga poses are held a little longer. Most pose are done on the ground with props to support relaxation. This is our most gentle class.

Peace Frog – Chill out and gain flexibility in this Yin class. The poses are held longer to target the deeper tissues of the body.  Most poses are done on the floor with the support of props.  The slower pace of this class allows the body to open, the mind to quiet and spirit to find peace.

Take it Easy –There is no rush in this class.  You will take it easy as you move slowly and linger in some poses.  Props and breath techniques are used to help each student adapt to the poses.  This class my help improve mobility, help reduce pain and alleviate stress.

Peace, Love and a Healthy Back – Show your back some love as you build core strength, release tension and learn ways to support a healthy back.  This class is great place to start a yoga practice as it supportive and gentle.

At Hippie Yoga we offer a variety of yoga classes for EVERY BODY from the most gentle and therapeutic to the most athletic. 

Hippie Basics – In this class, students are guided through basic yoga poses.  Breath, alignment and yoga fundamentals are the focus.  This is a great place to start a yoga practice or to fine tune their yoga fundamentals.


Kundalini – This style of yoga combines physical exercises, breathing techniques, meditation, and mantra.  It is known as the yoga of awareness delivering an experience of your highest consciousness.  Kundalini yoga unleashes the unlimited creative potential that exists within us all.  Each class will be different varying in themes and intentions


Groovy Flow– Slowly groove and flow from pose to pose.  This is a slower, gentler vinyasa practice, however that doesn’t mean you are not working. The slower groovy pace is great for anyone looking to build strength, balance and flexibility.


Flower Power Vinyasa – Bloom into your strength and power as you connect breath and movement.  Flow from posse to pose to fun, contemporary music in this athletic style class.   Some yoga experience is recommended for this class.