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Virtual Yoga Best Pratices

There are positives and negatives for both in studio yoga and virtual yoga depending on your situation, personality and needs. On demand video and live virtual yoga classes also have their own benefits. Knowing that you have options for how, when, and where to practice yoga can be empowering. If you are interested in trying yoga at home but not sure the best way to start or if have tried it at home in the past and it did not go as planned, keep reading!

What is the best way to practice yoga at home?

· Know your options. There are many ways to practice yoga at home. Hippie Yoga offers LIVE classes and an on-demand video library. What works best for you? Are you more likely to stick to a yoga practice if you must do it at a specific time with others? Do you like the advantage of doing your yoga practice anytime that works for your schedule? Would a shorter yoga practice work better for your schedule? Live classes hold you accountable to do an hour practice with others at a specific time. Live classes also have similar feel as an in-studio class. If you are missing the feel of an in-studio class, this may be a great option for you. If the live class schedule does not fit into the time frame you are available to practice yoga the video library may be the best fit. You have the option to practice yoga whenever it fits into your schedule and choose the style of yoga that works best for you today.

· Give yourself time. Starting something new can take a little time. Give yourself extra time to set things up the first time. You may need to download an app or software to stream the classes so allow a little extra time the first time you attempt a virtual class. Becoming familiar with the device and software when starting an at home yoga practice takes patience, be gentle with yourself and seek help if you need. I find myself asking my nephew to help me with technology all the time. Give us a call and we can help walk you through some of the technical issue you may experience.

· What you will need. You will need a device to stream the classes, a phone, computer, or tablet and a good Wi-Fi connection. You will need a yoga mat and possibly some yoga props. You will also need some space, just enough for your yoga mat and device.

· Setting up your space. It may feel like you need a big space to practice yoga but really you just need enough space for your yoga mat. Yoga does not require that much space. I have practiced in my living room, office, bedroom and even hallway. Lay out your yoga mat in a few different places and see what works best. Create a comfortable atmosphere. Turn down the lights, set the temperature to your liking and put on some soft music. Keeping the lights low will help block some of the visual distractions as will turning on some soft music. Remember comfort is king and creating a comfortable atmosphere will help you feel relaxed and ready to practice yoga.

· It’s about practice not perfection. There is no perfect space to practice yoga. There are always things that can distract you. Sometimes those things are outside noises, the temperature of the room or a dust bunny on the floor. Sometime those things are distractions in your mind, like your to do list or an argument you had with a friend. Whether you do yoga at home, in a studio or outside we learn to let go of those distractions and turn our focus inward. That is what yoga is about.

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