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Turning 51

This July I turn 51 years old. As I am entering my fifties, I understand the importance of maintaining my body’s mobility and strength. As I get older it is more and more clear to me that having a regular movement practice has so many benefits, both physically and mentally, that go beyond moving to change the shape or size of your body. My personal goal is to stay active and independent as long as I can. I think yoga is one of the best ways to achieve this goal, and one of reasons I became a yoga teacher. 😊

For the month of July, we will be focusing on yoga poses and moves for those over 50! I will discuss best practices for starting yoga, the 10 best poses for people over 50 and we will have some specials for anyone looking to start or get back to a regular yoga practice. Although the focus for July will be my fellow mid-lifers, these skills are useful for anyone looking to maintain their mobility, balance, and strength.

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