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Linda's Hippie Yoga Story

“I first met April when she was teaching yoga at a community center in Mt. Clemens. I loved her teaching and was so excited to learn she was opening her own studio. I attended a free practice on opening day at Hippie Yoga and purchased a class package. But I ended up not using any of them as I was starting Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) the following week and taking all of my practice at that studio.

Turns out April was simultaneously enrolled in her yoga therapy program, and our YTT groups attended a couple of anatomy training sessions together over the winter. I was so happy to be able to see April and talked to her about possibly doing a couple of feedback sessions at Hippie Yoga. Not only did she say yes, but also, “then I’ll have you in my pocket as a sub,” which was just fine by me!

Fast forward a couple of months to the beginning of March. I received a Facebook message from April asking me how my training was going, and would I be interested in teaching Ashtanga that upcoming Sunday. Not gonna lie—my immediate thought was “I’m not ready.” But the small still voice in my head prevailed in convincing me to talk to April. So I called her and we talked. I told her I wanted to do it as a feedback class, which was fine with her.

March 8, 2015 at 10:00 AM I taught my very first class at Hippie Yoga. I guess it went OK because the students applauded at the end (for real!), and I’ve been teaching Sunday mornings ever since!”

Linda has been a staple on Sunday mornings. However, just like life this will be changing. Linda is embarking on a new adventure and will be teaching her last regular class on Sunday, November 19th. She will be deeply missed but I’m sure this is not the last time we will see her.

Linda, we wish you all the best on your new adventures. Peace and Love from all of us at Hippie Yoga!

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