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Can You Rest?

“We wear all we have to do like a badge on our shirt for all to see. In the rush to get to the next thing, we have left no time for ourselves to digest and assimilate our lives; this may be our biggest theft of all. We need time to catch up with ourselves. We need time to chew and pander and allow the experiences of life to integrate within us. We need time to rest and reflect and to contemplate.”

Deborah Adele

This is a one of my favorite quotes from Deborah’s book “The Yamas and Niyamas” Probably because it is something I struggle with in my life. Allowing myself time to just rest. It is also a lesson yoga reminds me to practice. Every time we are in savasana we are allowing ourselves to digest, assimilate and integrate. Can we take this lesson from a yoga into our lives? Can we remember to give ourselves time to catch up with ourselves?

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