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Breathing as Self-Care

This has been a challenging year. I have felt an array of emotions, sometimes all at once. At times it has been hard to stay positive and hopeful. It is easy to forget to incorporate self-care when we are feeling down, but that is when we need it the most. There are a few things I have incorporated into my life this year that have helped me feel better.

· Move every day. Of course, I would suggest taking a yoga class, however I understand that an hour class may not be realistic every day. Incorporating 10-15 minutes of yoga or walking each day increases the feel-good chemicals in your body and mind.

· Breathe! Taking 2-5 minutes to practice slow deep breathing is not only healthy but can decrease stress and anxiety. Try the box breathing video above, it always makes me feel better.

· Take a nap. Stress is exhausting. Taking a short nap can reset my mood and give me an energy boost.

· Reach out to friends and loved ones. It can feel isolating when we can not gather together. Talking with my friends and loved one always gives me an energy boost. Try to actually talk with them or video chat rather than text or through social media.

· Laugh! After taking Maria’s laughter yoga I realized how important it is to laugh. You do not need a reason to laugh. Laughter feels good and is healthy. Give it a try, laugh right now for no reason!

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