One-on-One Session

For Beginners

Let Hippie Yoga teach you how to customize yoga postures to fit your ability, experience and limitations so you can attend most yoga classes with confidence, safety and ease.

If you are not ready to attend a class yet but are curious about what yoga can do for you, we have just the thing.  How about a one on one session with a Hippie Yoga teacher?

In this one-on-one session:

  • Your teacher will help you find the 3 classes that would best fit your experience and skill level.

  • You will move through 10-15 common yoga poses and learn ways to customize these pose to fit your body type, skill level and limitations.

  • You will leave your session with a list of 3 things you can do at home.

  • You will receive a free week of classes.

This offer is designed to help you feel comfortable and confident entering a class.

You can experience this One-on-One session

and the many benefits listed with

one free week of yoga

for only $59

One on One sessions can be done in person or virtually 


Email or call to schedule your session