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 Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

Friday, June 23rd

7 pm – 9 pm

$25 advance registration

What is Kundalini Yoga? Would you like to find out?

Join Jessica to discuss and practice basic mantras, breath work, dynamic postures and some of the biggest differences between kundalini yoga and other yogic traditions.

Kundalini Yoga works on an energetic level, it is designed for everyone and will make you feel great.

We will also offer handouts for home practice and relaxing herbal tea samples


Yoga in the Park

June 25th

July 23rd

August 27

September 24

11 am

Check out the St. Clair Shores Farmer’s Market at Blossom Heath

8 am—3 pm

Do some yoga with Vanessa at 11 am

 Growing Mindful Class

Sunday at 7 pm

June  25th

July 9th & 23rd

$10 drop in

Join Jennifer as she shares basic teachings on Mindfulness,

readings to help you create more valuable “mind space”

and practice simple, meditative techniques.

If you have an unlimited yoga package you can attend as part of your package.

Register Here

Holiday Hush Mini Retreat

Friday, June 30th

7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

$15 advance registration

This retreat will be designed for you to HUSH, shake off the previous weeks hustle and head home renewed.

Ready to enjoy the L-O-N-G holiday weekend ahead!

Meditation, candlelight, goodies and more await! Come de-stress with us if you are around that night!


Singing Bowl Meditation

Friday, July 7th

7:30 pm – 9 pm

$25 advance registration

Experience the  powerful sound waves and rich harmonic over tones of the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls.

Sound is an ancient and universal form of healing.

Sound touches us on a physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Join us for this transformative experience and leave feeling balances and harmonious.


12 Step Yoga 4 Recovery

Friday, July 14th

7 pm – 8 pm

Join Maria for this gentle, basic yoga class designed for 12 Step Recovery to promote strength, confidence and stillness

This is a donation based class.

All proceeds benefit the Michigan Humane Society.

Nourish Day Retreat

Saturday, September 16th

1 pm – 5 pm

$99 advance registration only

Hippie Yoga, Nature’s Wisdom and The Indigo Doors invite you to a soul replenishing day retreat.

Spend the day nourishing your body, mind and spirit.

Retreat includes the following:

Make essential oil salt scrub and soak for at home nourishment

A soul nourishing guided meditation with healing turning forks

Art to feed your creative soul

Restorative yoga practice with reflexology

Eye pillows as a gift to continue your relaxation

Light snacks to keep your body nourished


This event will sell out, please register early


Fall Equinox Sacred Wave Gong Immersion

Friday, September 22

7:30 pm – 9 pm

$30 advance registration only

Celebrate the Fall Equinox with some healing sounds of the Gongs.

Sacred Wave Gong Immersions are group sound therapy in which the sacred healing sounds of the Gongs bathe the participants with sustained waves of sound. Our Gong Immersions do not require a specific belief structure or discipline of practice. We honor every individual’s personal spiritual paradigm. We hold clear and loving space to allow everyone to engage in their own, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual process.

Bring: a yoga mat or padding to lie on, clean blanket(s) and a bottle of water. Pillows and eye covering are optional.

These events sell out please register early