Thank You for Your Support

 Thank you to everyone who has created space in their homes to practice with me. I know it can be hard to maintain a home yoga practice. I am grateful that I can connect with the Hippie Yoga community. It is helping me manage the stress and uncertainty of life.  

Many clients have reached out to me expressing their support and well wishes to Hippie Yoga. Thank you to those who are not able to attend the virtual classes but still send their support. Please feel free to send me an email, text or phone call just to check in and let us know how you are doing. If there is any way the Hippie Yoga community might be able to help during these trying times, please let us know.   

I am thankful I can continue to do the work I love and provide a service to the community.   

One comment on “Thank You for Your Support

  1. Just wanted to let you know April, after reading your post on the website about classes after May 28, I for one am relieved and excited! I so enjoyed classes at the studio when I started a couple of years ago, but quit coming because of my busy schedule at work and home and not being willing to have another reason to leave the house and drive somewhere. I continued my practice at home as best I could. Jean mentioned in her class last night, that you could appreciate the things that have changed since this lock down while still mourning what is lost. These virtual classes are one of those I appreciate greatly. I know this must be a challenge for your business but know that going forward, I for one and I am sure a couple others are glad to have the ability to attend class virtually now and in the future. Thanks for the wellness you are providing to the community.

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