Stephanie’s Story

Stephanie began her yoga journey back in college, just doing simple poses she found online in her room to cope with stress and anxiety. While pursuing her bachelors in Communications with a focus on multicultural and race communications she traveled to Haiti twice and indulged in studies and experiences of other cultures. Since becoming aware of what is going on around us, this began her fight to bring change into the world.
Frustration and anxiety continued to surround her as she continued to learn the many ways we are hurting the earth and others. Working full time and moving from one project to the next she was bad at taking time for herself. One day a good friend took her to her first ever yoga class, and she was hooked. She began taking as many yoga classes as possible, spending time at multiple studios, and with multiple teachers, Stephanie was learning how to slow down.  Really enjoying and loving the practice, and not knowing what to do next after graduation, she was guided to take her 200 hr yoga teacher training at Bodhi Seed in Mt. Clemens. Stephanie wasn’t sure if she would teach or not, It was in this training she learned to break through some untrue beliefs and fearful pieces of herself. Nearing the end of this training, still not knowing if teaching yoga was for her, she taught her first public class. She has been actively teaching ever since.
Anxiety and Depression have affected Stephanie and others she loves so she is always seeking tools, both physical and mental to help cope. She has just taken restorative yoga training, and pelvic floor training. She also began her 300 hr training. Stephanie now knows, in order to make an impact in the world, we must begin with ourselves. Yoga has become the way she is planning on helping others find unity within themselves and among others.
See Stephanie Monday mornings and Thursday evenings.

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